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About Riding Way Bike Shop

Live. Breathe. Ride.

Riding Way is about promoting community through great cycling experiences. With an ever expanding, large range of bicycles, parts and accessories, Riding Way is the perfect spot for you to buy the your latest bike gear. Riding Way bike shop in Murrumbeena, just minutes from Chadstone shopping centre, is a great place to ensure your bike is running perfectly by booking in a bicycle service in our fully equipped bicycle workshop.



Who is Riding Way?
We are friends, we are family and we are a local community of bike riding enthusiasts. Our hearts lie in BMX but we also ride road bikes and thoroughly enjoy spending our spare time riding bikes on Melbourne's bike paths with our family, friends and of course our forever loyal customers. We are bicycle technicians, ready and waiting to help you fix your bike. We spend countless hours looking for ways to improve your cycling experience, both in store and out on your ride and are constantly in search of the ultimate product lines to help sooth your cravings. We believe in community. We believe in small business and supporting your local. It is also our strong belief that supporting your local goes two ways so we make sure giving back to our community takes priority over profits.


How did Riding Way start?
Steve, affectionately called 'Gorak', was sitting at home unemployed. He'd found the odd few hours work with mates but with an 11 week premature baby in the hospital, a mortgage to pay, and no household income, times were tough. Barely surviving week to week, struggling with bills and with no savings, he applied for a government business building course but failed to get in. This is when the offer came about to get into purchase an exsisting bike shop for next to nothing. Off Steve went to the bank for a business loan. They laughed at the idea but offered a credit card with $3000 on it and said, "There you go mate. Enjoy." Needless to say, he took the card and 2 weeks later opened the doors to his new bike shop.


Does Riding Way know what they're doing?
You might be thinking by now, did Steve have any prior knowledge or experience in bicycles? Well, yes. Steve has been working on bikes ever since he was about 5 years old and professionally since he was barely 16. School was not one of Steve's 'strong points' and at 16 wanted to leave. A deal was struck with his father and left half way through year 11 and moved into creating a strong career in a bike shop. Since then, he has worked in bicycle work shops, on the bike shop sales floor, and everything in between. He's spent time in wholesale, working internal sales, warranty, product development and advertising. On top of that, Steve has worked on also becoming one of Australia's most well known BMX photographers known mostly by his peers as Gorak. He has worked with some of the best bicycle mechanics in Melbourne and has an extensive friends list to draw ideas and knowledge from to make sure the work he does is of the utmost quality.


Is it true Gorak builds wheels fast?
Absolutely, yes! While not one to brag, let it be known that the fastest wheel Gorak has ever laced was 4 minutes and 25 seconds. Now, this still needed to be trued and tensioned but getting from rim, hub and 36 spokes to complete wheel in under five minutes is no easy task. The quickest he's built, trued and tensioned a pair of wheels is smack bang on 20 mintues. Yep. Almost 150 separate parts all pieced together to make 2 working wheels, ready for tyres and tubes in 20 mintues. Now, it's not an every day thing. Normally, he'll take a lot longer to build a wheel, taking a lot more care and precision to ensure the highest quality of wheel build. Strong, straight and well balanced. 'Dialled' as he put it. Gorak believes there is an art to building good wheels and explains regularly that "... there's books on bicycle mechanics and entire books just on wheels."


Trade in your old bikes
We take great pride in being able to help people in less fortunate situations. In the initial years of our business we had received hundreds of donated bikes which we helped fix up and service to be taken to the communities in need. Unfortunately, we recently had to stop collecting bikes due to break-ins and theft but we want to revive the program, or atleast, implement a similar system and help some kids in our local area.  


Riding Way hours of operation
Monday: 8:00am - 6pm
Tuesday: 8:00am - 6pm
Wednesday: 8:00am - 6pm
Thursday: 8:00am - 6pm
Friday: 8:00am - 7pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 2:00pm
Sunday: Gone Adventuring


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Riding Way
77 Poath Rd
Vic. 3163
03 9078 9001
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