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Riding Way Bicycle Workshop - FAQs

Our bicycle repair and service workshop is the heart of our small business. We aim to have all repairs completed in a timely manner and to ensure they are done above and beyond your expectations. We often receive questions from our good customers and we've pulled some of the more frequent ones together and written them out here. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


bicycle repair workshop, Poath Rd, Murrumbeena


When should I service my bike?
If you're unsure, then the answer is probably now. Bikes are mechanical machines that need regular maintenance and even if a bike hasn't been ridden much, actually, in some cases especially if a bike hasn't been ridden in some time, it needs some quality TLC. As a general guide, every six (6) months we recommend having a General Service completed and depending on your riding, every 2 years for a General Service PLUS. There's a blog post about this on the Live. Breathe. Ride. website.


Do I need to make a booking for a bicycle service?
Where possible, it's best to make a booking. Our store is relatively small and can only fit a few bikes in at a time. Our workshop is also booking out pretty quickly these days so to avoid disappointment, it's advised that you call ahead and check availability.


How do I book my bike in for repairs?
We now have a number of different ways for you to book your bike in. While you're here on our website, you can do it online. The online booking service is fairly simple, we think but unfortunately cannot evaluate your bike's condition for us and produce a full quote. This will be done in store. The good thing with the online booking form though, is that it allocates a time for your service to be done.
You can also call the store on 03 9078 9001 to make a booking or simply drop on down with your bike so we can quote and allocate a time slot for you. 


Do you do repairs on the weekend?
Yes. Where possible, we are able to do all manner of repairs on the weekend but bare in mind, walk-in customers, phone calls have priority over workshop jobs. Bookings for weekend servicing is crucial but we will make every effort to fit in an inner tube installation or minor repair on the spot, while you wait. (wait times will vary and are subject to customer flow)


How long will my bike service take?
Normally, a basic, General Service will take about an hour and our General Service PLUS will take about 3 hours. These times vary depending on work flow as well as interruptions. We strive to have your bike back to you at least on the same day if a booking is made and if you bring your bike in store without a booking it may take up to 5 days. A popular option lately has been to drop a bike in on a Saturday and collect it the following Saturday. Repairs left longer than 7 days after they are ready will attract a $2/day storage fee.


Is it possible to wait in store while you complete my service?
Absolutely. We've worked hard on making our store comfortable enough for you to wait while your bike is done. We have Red Poppy Bakery across the road so you can grab a coffee, a pie and chill out at out table and chairs as our mechanic works their magic. Please, however, do not ask too many questions while work is being done. That can potentially result in a loss of concentration and affect the quality of the service.