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Upd8 #1

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Hey everyone,
Just got back from a pretty fun trip to warrnambool with the crew, Doug Underhill, Kai Moody, Liam and myself stopped off at Geelong on the way back and ended up clocking a few clips that I was really happy with for Doug’s upcoming dvd ‘Ambition’. I’m having a bit of trouble with my knee at the moment, but am still able to get out and ride a bit. I’ve also been working on an interview with Gorak for 2020 that will be out not this issue, but the next.

Adam Hough, Jake Deering and I are doing a demo at City Park this saturday evening for ‘Bike Fest’, which should be fun, so come down and check that out if you are around the area.

Gap outta the park and into the STREEEEEETZZZZ

Hit the Streetz boys.

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Wrap up.

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I’m not going to lie, I’m still a little sad the trip is over. We had a good crew at a good skatepark, what’s not to like?

Not to mention Gorak’s efforts in getting us a luxury top floor hotel room. I had a lot of fun riding the park and hanging out with some locals such as Bret Trigg. Huge shout outs to Gorak for organizing the trip and to everyone who came and made it fun.

Posted by Liam.

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