Daily Archives: May 9, 2012


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So I haven’t really been able to ride at all lately, which has been a bit of a bumber. Split my shin open the other week riding city park and it ended up getting infected. Usually wouldn’t be a big deal, however I’m going in for my knee arthroscopy on tuesday, which I may now miss due to the infection. Pretty bumbed out with that, as it means I will most likely have to wait a month now until uni holidays until I can have it without it interfering with mah education. It will be so good to have my knee back to 100% for the first time since December 2009. Look out for some edits etc. when I’m back on it, so keen to get stuff done that I have had to chill on for so long because of a shotty knee. In excitement for my knee being 110% I have embedded my vintage camberwell edit from 09, pre knee problems. Give it another watch!

Peace and love.


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