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Hey guys well yea I ended up heading home to the coast for the wknd to some special things that required a wknd away, like hangin with the girlfriend an going to an engagement party as such. But how ever on Sunday myself an some good people decided to head to Brisbane to get some real fast bowl/ jumping time (meet up with Pokoj an his local bunch) so we went an rode the new bowl at underwood which was pretty much the same as fitzy an yea deeper but more fun, cause u can go as high as u want really! But cut this story short we ended up at beenleigh as such caught up with some good company an started kickin some asap! But all I can now remember is having my face kicked off cause I over steered a moto whip an having my head kicked off! 15 stitches in my face later an I still cannot crack a smile….. Moral of this story just keep kickin ass I’ll be back goin faster an higher than I’m encountering!!! I suck

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