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UNLIMITED Bicycle Service and Repairs for 12 Months

It is with great pride that we offer 12 months of complimentary servicing and labour with EVERY SINGLE NEW BIKE SOLD here at Riding Way. Our love for riding bikes runs thick and our goal is to do as much as we can to ensure you fall in love with cycling as much as we have! Ensuring your first year of cycling your new bike from Riding Way is as trouble free as humanly possibly is just one way we help improve the experience for you and your family.



What's Included?
ALL LABOUR is 100% complimentary on your new bike, purchased from Riding Way Bike Shop, Bentleigh East, Vic. 
You'll recieve our service card when you pick up your new bike which will outline recommended service intervals but if you feel you need more servicing, by all means, bring your bike in, that's also included.
PLUS, and this is where it gets even better, let's say you get a puncture, or you want to have some extras fitted, all that labour is COMPLIMENTARY as well! BOOYAH
How many times can I bring my bike in?
On the service card you recieve, you'll see we've recommended 6 services, one every 2 months, the first of which is the most important and is due within the first 4 to 6 weeks. Then, as often as you like, you can come on in for a tune-up! We'd much prefer seeing you every day than once, on the very last day of the 12 month period with a list as long as the distance you've ridden with problems on your bike..
Can I bring my old bike in for complimentary servicing?
No. This service is only for new bikes purchased from Riding Way bike shop, within 12 months (1 year) from the PURCHASE DATE.